OE rotorspinning machines for coarse yarn Ne 0,6 - Ne 6


For 30 years we have been building rotor spinning machines and have made it our task, right from the beginning, to find the best result for our customers.


We offer custom-made solutions!


We build every ordered modified rotor spinning machine specifically to the special needs of our customers.


The modification of OE rotor spinning machines in the coarse yarn area Ne 0,6 to Ne 6 has been our greatest expertise since founding the company.


We have developed a process that leads to significantly better final results. This spinning process is clearly future-orientated and achieves higher delivery speeds.


Our coarse yarn machine:


         HIMATEX HT 04 with 92 mm, 90 mm 80 mm or 65 mm rotor


Yarn examples, that were made on our machines:


are ideal for a


Yarn count range from Ne 0,6 – Ne 6 to produce:


         mop yarn,

         blanket yarns,

         technical coarse yarns,

         yarns for bath mats,

         polypropylene yarns,




Raw materials, e.g.


Cotton waste

Recycled fibres

Acrylic & acylic blends

Wool / Acrylic

Cotton / Acrylic

Polyester / Viscose


Aramid blends                          





Following, please find some photos of our machines. Get an impression of completion, loading and production at the customers.


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